Artist Alif's Work gallery

Alif is the 3rd and the youngest of all the artists at Angel's. Alif is smart, creative, self taught and a born artist. He studied at a boarding school and had a very rough beginning, but all of this only made him stronger, responsible and more focused in life. He used to do events, wall graffiti, canvas paintings, and many other creative form of art. Becoming a tattoo artist was not planned for him but as life happened so did tattooing. He started following youtube videos and his instincts to  start of as a free lance tattoo artist at a very young age of 17yrs. Later Angel's found him and now he has bin with us for almost 3yrs adding to his total experience of 5yrs in tattoo industry. 

Even now he is pursuing a formal college education in fine arts and manages work, education and supports his family very well. Though his experience as a tattoo artist is less, but his work says other wise and he is one of the finest tattoo artist u can find in the state whoz work is as fine ad smooth as butter.

Below are few of his best works that speaks for itself. We are sure that a tattoo from him can make you experience a memorable one.