Artist Ravi's work gallery

Ravi is our 2nd fine tattoo artist at Angel Tattoo and Piercing Studio. Born and brought up in a small town of Jharkhand, Ravi was not the regular lot of kids. While other kids picked up the regular career choices of becoming an engineer or business management, Ravi always wanted to be different and so after pursuing his formal education Ravi moved on to Delhi to pursue a career in tattooing as he was very passionate about arts. At a very young age of 18yrs he joined KDs tattoo learning school in 2011 and after successful completion of his course Ravi moved to hyderabad to make a more prominent mark in the tattoo industry. After freelancing for a couple of months Ravi found Angel's or should we say Angel's found him.


Through his dedication, hard work and an experience of 8+ yrs , Ravi has become one of the finest tattoo artist in the industry and is known for his clean, neat, smooth and crisp line work and shading.  As we guess Ravi is the only tattoo artist in the entire Jharkhand. 


Few of his best works are posted below. If you are planning for a tattoo then Ravi is the man to consider.