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We at "ANGEL TATTOO & PIERCING STUDIO" always strive to give the best training programme, so that you can learn this beautiful art of tattoo and piercing and accomplish your dream of being a part of it and soon start up your own studio.

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Student Om in Action during Training & his Tattoo works below. Om always had a rare facination towards tattoos and piercings and this facination led him to angel studio. He was a dedicated student all thru his training. Om has now successfully started his own professional tattoo and piercing studio in Orissa named "Skivas". He also does video game designing.

Student Suresh in Action during Training. His works will be uploaded soon. Suresh has been tattooing people for quite few years now and successfully owns a Tattoo studio named "Leion Tattoos" in Secunderabad. At a point of time, Suresh felt the urge to add more to his tattoo knowledge and to brush up and improve his skills which led him to us. 

Student Arjun in action during Training & his Tattoo works below. Arjun mostly does freelance at his apartment in abids, hyderabad. Arjun used to work in a reputed bank as an executive but his love for the art and with all the encouragement and support from his friends he has earned himself a gud name as a tattoo artist.

Student Tarun in action during Training. His works will be uploaded soon. Tarun is into animation industy n works for a reputed animation company in hyderabad. Tarun has taken up Tattooing as a hobby and practices this art in his leisure time.  

Student Rohit in action during Training & his works below. Rohit is one more example of a true tattoo lover, as he gave up his job as a software professional to take up tattooing as a profession. He is soon planning to set up his own Tattoo studio in Nellore.

Student Praveen in action during Training & his works below. Praveen is studying Photography at an Arts college in Hyderabad and has taken up Tattooing as a hobby. He also does and teaches good Calligraphy. 

Student Raghu in action during Training & his works below. Raghu used to tattoo small time at a reputed salon in secunderabad but always dreamt to make it big one day. soon, his dreams will come true, as he has successfully completed his tattoo training and plans to open up his own professional tattoo studio.

Chandu during his training session and his works posted below. Chandu is a multi tasked hard working guy. He is persuing his Graduation, he also manages a salon that he owns and is very popular with is clients and now he also does tattoos. His day starts at 5am in the morning and ends at 12midnight. We wish him all the very best.

Sadiq in action during his training session, his works will be posted soon. Sadiq is a well known reputed mehandi designer. He has many tollywood clients too. Persuing tattoo training was his long time dream and now apart from mehandi which is temporary he also gets to leave his art permanently on his clients.

Faiyaz during his training session and his works posted below. Faiyaz is a cricket fan. No matter what, sunday's are cricket days. Faiyaz soon plans to leave out of country and so Tattooing is more of a hobby to him. He has already inked himself on his ankle. We wish him all the very best for his future.

Nagarjuna, popularly known as DUDO amongst his friend circle is a calm, fun loving, "live today as if there is no tomorrow" attitude guy. He is crazy for shoes and other fashion accessories and has a huge collection of the same. He loves tattooing and wishes to make it big someday. few of his works posted below.

Our very first female student Renuka. Angel studio experienced a very funny incident with her before she joined for the training course, finally with all her hard work, dedication and effort, workin three shifts a day, her salon, tattoo training and managing home n her kids, she successfully completed her training. We learned alot from her as much as she learned from us. Wishing her all the very best for her future. Few of her works have been posted below.