Born in Mumbai and brought up in Hyderabad, Amin has a degree in Business Management but arts won him over. Every free period in school saw Amin turning time to practice sketching, drawing and creating fictional characters from scratch. This fuelled his desire to turn it into an artistic career. His love for art took him down the road of cartoons and animated movies where he worked for over 7 years in both national and international projects like Cartoon Network and Pogo television channels to name a few.


Tattooing was not something he planned to do but with time it became his second love after animation. In the early 2007’s he started as a freelancer inking people who believed in his abilities even back then. And in 2011 Angel Tattoo and Piercing Studio was born. With almost 10+ years of experience, Amin is one of the finest and topmost tattoo artists in Hyderabad and PAN India.


Few of his works are posted below. You can view more of his works which are categorically divided in the drop-bar.


painless tattoos