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    Namrata (Wednesday, 15 September 2021 00:04)

    Recently, I was recommended to get my tattoo from here as they are very hygienic and clean. That was of utmost importance to me especially during the pandemic. Both tattoo artists were very professional and did a wonderful job with the tattoo causing me minimal pain. My tattoo was quite small but it was very neat and got over quickly. They also help you with the design process and important points to consider before getting a tattoo. Overall, I had a 5 star experience and would definitely recommend them.

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    Parul Agarwal (Monday, 02 August 2021 10:29)

    It was an amazing experience. Felt very comfortable, Bearable pain and the tattoo artist Alif was super friendly. Worth the money.

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    Amulya (Monday, 28 June 2021 01:39)

    I got a tattoo done by Amin. He was very professional and also gave me a lot of information about the placement, colour and other details of the tattoo so that I could make a proper decision. He was the first artist who did so. The tattoo was of a big size and I was worried about the healing. But it healed great and now I have a very beautiful tattoo. Keep up the great work guys. You have got yourself a returning customer.

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    7hillstattooz (Friday, 02 April 2021 08:07)

    yes. their services are awesome. one of my friends got a tattoo on his body. really it's very good to see.

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    Sreya (Thursday, 25 March 2021 13:14)

    Just loved the service here.If ur going to get ur first tattoo then ur one stop destination is Angels Tattoo Studio.

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    Alin (Thursday, 11 March 2021 01:49)

    I desperately wanted a tattoo expressing my dreams and my hobbies and this was my first tattoo, Special Thanks to Amin Bhaiya who has got me the Best classy design expressing my hobbies ,wants all together. The tattoo which i have got will give me the same vibe and motivation even if i look at it after many years... Also special thanks to Ravi bhaiya for so smooth and awesome first experience of my tattoo.. Lots of Good wishes and Respect to the whole team :)

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    Bikash Dash (Saturday, 27 February 2021 09:51)

    Thank you so much Amin Ji. This was special experience and you added wonderful thoughts to the design. Thank you so much again.

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    Suchi (Saturday, 13 February 2021 09:42)

    I would give them 5/5 on work n professionalism. I have made two tattoos in same day n awesome work. The ink they use and equipment are really good.. they do have best artists ����

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    Madhurima (Sunday, 17 January 2021 22:43)

    I got a beautiful angel tattoo done on my ankle. I had been looking for a tattoo place in Hyderabad for quite some time and I am glad I did my research beforehand. On google when searched for best places to get tattoo done, Angle Tattoos comes in top 5 and it definitely lived upto its expectations.
    Specially in times of Covid I was little skeptical but with all the precautions and sanitization in place it made it so much easier.
    I got my tattoo done by Ravi and I loved the work. The shading in the tattoo looks amazingggg.... :) I already have another tattoo in mind and probably very soon will be back to the studio to get that done too :)

    Good wishes to the Team !!

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    Sandhya (Tuesday, 15 December 2020 00:20)

    I have took my first tatoo here, team is really professional and maintained good hygiene practices during pandemic time. I am extremely happy with their service.I strongly recommend this place to get their favourite or desired tattoo.

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    Jessy Christina (Thursday, 23 May 2019 16:28)

    My first ever tattoo experience.

    Amin made it worthwhile.
    From creating a masterpiece to explaining clearly on how to take care of a new tattoo...he’s been extremely professional. Getting my second tattoo done by him soon! Go for it!

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    Vaishali mungra (Thursday, 16 May 2019 13:57)

    I had a great time at ur studio. I was feeling very scary but the artist make me feel comfortable. I m happy with my tattoo.Getting compliments from the people as it is my first tattoo experience . It’s nicely done as I wanted its d same .

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    Anamika (Friday, 05 April 2019 07:03)

    My very first tatto and super with it. It was surprisingly painless and that was something I loved. The technique and knowledge you guys hold over this on the basis of which you give your suggestions is commendable. Was really happy and satisfied with me first tatto.. thank you so much. Will surely recommend you guys if anyone asks me.. the process of recommendation has already started. All the best �

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    Shalini Pal (Monday, 04 March 2019 10:27)

    Hi I'm Shalini from Secunderabad. Today 4th March 2019 I visited Angel Tattoo and Piercing studio along with my mother to get my tragus ear pierced and I would like to share my wonderful experience with all those who are looking for the right place to get best service. Infact I did not have an appointment but as it was Maha Shivratri a very auspicious day all of the sudden I called up the Angel studio and requested Amin Sir to please pierce my Tragus ear and even in such short duration and busy schedule he accepted my request and gave me an appointment. I was very happy to visit the studio especially my mother felt very happy talking to Amin Sir. The studio is maintained so well under very good hygiene conditions. Myself and my Mom felt apart from good hygiene conditions it's a genuine and safe place as well especially for girls can go without any fear and get it done. Amin Sir is so talented and experienced in his work. God has blessed him with great art talent that i hardly knew the pain while getting my tragus ear pierced. The pain was bearable minimal pain only for a while. After piercing Sir explained us what foods to eat and to avoid and to apply on the pierced part. Next week I'm going to get a tattoo done which was pending for quite sometime and I will only go to Angel tattoo and Piercing studio to get my tattoo done by Amin Sir. Thanks a lot very much Sir. I'm a happy customer from your Angel studio.
    Good wishes to you in your career Sir.�

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    Maseera (Tuesday, 19 February 2019 06:10)

    I had a great time at ur studio. It was a nice experience. I was feeling very scary but the artist make me feels comfortable. I m happy with my tatto.

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    Sasank (Monday, 03 December 2018 08:13)

    I had a great experience with Amin . He helped me with the right suggestions.

    Great artistic work.

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    Ekta (Monday, 26 November 2018 23:02)

    Had a great time with really amazing tattoo on my hand

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    Harish (Thursday, 01 November 2018 14:52)

    Angel Tattooz team you are good at what you do. Thank you for everything. I am happy the way you receive us and also how you explain what it is best suited. I had tattoo on my right hand inked by Mr. Amin, he did his job great. Prefer professional who is good at it and I believe Angel Tattooz are best.

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    Raghu (Wednesday, 24 October 2018 12:54)

    I got a tattoo done recently the service was really good...the studio was clean n everything was well maintained..
    Im.super happy n excited wit my tattoo...

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    Divya (Thursday, 06 September 2018 09:48)

    I got a tattoo done recently the service was really good...the studio was clean n everything was well maintained..
    Im.super happy n excited wit my tattoo...

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    Arjun Singh (Monday, 27 August 2018 03:41)

    Getting compliments from people as it is my first experience getting inked.

    Thanks Aleem bhai, good job and thanks for your wonderful work ��

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    Anuli (Monday, 06 August 2018 23:00)

    Great tattoo, thank you so much for your service!

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    Lohitha Deshpande (Saturday, 28 July 2018 06:29)

    I got my tattoo done at this place less than 1 week ago, and to say I am happy with it would be me undermining the experience,
    Tattoo is something you carry with you for life once done, I took a lot of time figuring out what I want and my personality, and it was a pretty complex design I came up with,
    Amin helped me make it better and he made sure, I was satisfied with it and guided me through it so much, as it was my first tattoo.
    And aleem, did a beautiful, let's say incredible job in bringing my imagination to reality. I can't thank these guys enough for providing such a wonderful experience. B

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    Shruti (Wednesday, 30 May 2018 01:26)

    Good job ! Got the tattoo inked as I had imagined.

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    GopalKrishna Karuturi(Gopi) (Tuesday, 08 May 2018 04:24)

    Came here for my very first tattoo and the experience was amazing. Very friendly and experienced staff made me feel at home and at ease, professional from start to finish and walked away with a really nice piece. Would definitely go back there for more in the future!!

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    GopalKrishna Karuturi(Gopi) (Monday, 07 May 2018 05:57)

    Came here for my very first tattoo and the experience was amazing. Very friendly and experienced staff made me feel at home and at ease, professional from start to finish and walked away with a really nice piece. Would definitely go back there for more in the future!! Everyone was so nice and I am soooo happy of the result. Thanks a lot!!!

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    Manu Panicker (Saturday, 05 May 2018 03:44)

    Dear Amin Bhai,

    Its been always best outcome when u design or do a tattoo on me.....

    Thank you and looking forward to get more and more tattoo from you......

    Manu Panicker

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    Vibha Gaddale (Thursday, 03 May 2018 04:08)

    This was my first tattoo. Very professional artist. I loved his work.
    The artist gave me proper instructions to take care of the tattoo.
    Thank You

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    Akshaya (Thursday, 22 February 2018 07:33)

    We were very impressed by the professionalism with which Angel Tattooz operates! From the appointment procedure, to the thorough check that we were happy with our design, to showing us the expiry dates on all the freshly opened products used on our skin, this is definitely the place to come to if you want to commit to a tattoo for a lifetime. Special thanks for the detailed after care package :)

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    Preethi Padmanabhan (Tuesday, 23 January 2018 04:21)

    I definitely recommend Amin's little parlor in Sindhi Colony: I came to him with an idea and he turned it into an absolutely beautiful and creative design! He was very professional and made sure I knew what was going on every step of the way, including tattoo care advice after the fact. I would definitely get tattooed there again on my next quest for ink!

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    Prathyusha (Wednesday, 03 January 2018 23:22)

    This is an amazing place to have a tattoo. Initially i had a lot of fear but Amin clearly mentioned everything and made me feel comfortable and voila within no time my tattoo was with me.
    I strongly recommend my friends and family this place.

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    Somnath (Wednesday, 20 December 2017 03:38)

    Just amazing experience. I had a tattoo from here and was done by Amin himself. They have high importance in hygiene measures which is mostly feared by all of us.
    They give you a masterpiece art which you'll be carrying with yourself for a lifetime. So if you guys planning to have a tattoo in Hyderabad, there is no better place than Amin's. Highly Recommended.

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    Bharat ummadi (Friday, 08 December 2017 03:48)

    No issues with my tattoo iam extremely happy with it.
    Amin did a great job and he designed the tattoo in the way I wanted .best place to go If ur looking to get ur first tattoo .the care the take is extremely Gud.

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    Zipporah kumar (Monday, 20 November 2017 07:00)

    Loved the tatoo.. Its healing.. Thank you very much...

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    Ramesh (Monday, 23 October 2017 06:33)

    I was obsessed to get inked since ages, I couldn't do it for many reasons that pulled me back from getting inked. Somehow I decided to get a Tattoo, I googled for the BEST TATTOO places in Hyderabad, it gave me several options but reviews about "ANGEL TATTOO STUDIO" was pretty convincing. I took Appointment from Amin through whatsapp and finally I got INKED on 11th Oct 2017! They have done awesome work on my forearm. Thank you Angel Tattoos.. I am gonna get Inked again.

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    Neha (Wednesday, 04 October 2017 09:41)

    Best tattoo studio in hyd. Just the fact they are available for queries on mail or facebook is really cool. Any query will be sorted in minutes. Very approachable and a decent place to get awesome tattoo :)

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    Rueban (Tuesday, 03 October 2017 05:32)

    Amin has done a total of 4 tattoo's for me and 3 for my wife. All I can say is, flawless. His eye for detail is impeccable. He has a clean and extremely hygienic studio. I would say a person with OCD would be happy getting a tattoo done at his studio. He does live up to his reputation of being one of the best tattoo artists in the country.
    This goes out to the any person who has an interest of getting a tattoo done: Remember, you're getting inked for life. It's pointless living in regret getting a sub-standard, low priced tattoo. Rather, be cautious and get it done by the best. Do not compromise. If you are in Hyderabad or are visiting the city, your best bet for getting a tattoo done is through Amin.

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    Seema (Wednesday, 02 August 2017 01:47)

    After considerng getting a tattoo for a few years, I finally got my first Tattoo a week ago and wanted to say a big Thank You to Amin and his crew.
    Ever the professional, he patiently answered all my queries even though he appeared to be a man of few words. Anyone looking for a tattoo will be in safe hands with Amin and his crew. Amin is an extremely talented artist and his studio is very hygienic.
    Thank you for the wonderful tattoo, I have already recommended you to my friends.
    Keep up the wonderful work.

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    Rohit Dujari (Wednesday, 26 July 2017 07:20)

    Professionalism! It is thy name! Amin is highly professional in everything he does. Very good studio and talented artists. Dont judge the studio by its location. It looks very nice inside. The care they take is very good. I received a mail asking how is my tattoo doing or if i need any help or have any questions, which was really good. Felt important and cared. I would recommend this studio to 1 and all. Amin is the best I know without any dout \m/

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    Bhavana Solanki (Sunday, 09 July 2017 13:20)

    one of the best tattoo studio in Hyderabad. the ambiance makes u really comfortable and the whole procedure painless. the tattoo artists are really humble and friendly and would suggest the best of the tattoo.they take all safety measures and maintain hygiene in order to avoid any infections.

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    Rajashekar (Monday, 03 July 2017 07:15)

    A very good tatto for me this is the 2nd day of my tattoo still I am not getting any side affects. First I say "Thank you" because of this tattoo is special for me also u designed very good my dad name always bring me in a joy in my hand.
    Once again thanks amin & staff for a beautiful tattoo
    Your Rocks Bro ��

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    Tejaswini Mohadikar (Thursday, 29 June 2017 00:26)

    Thanks a lot for the tattoo. I am just overwhelmed. In love with the tattoo.Thank you so much.If any one thinking of getting a tattoo, i suggest to trust this guys. They are awesome, the environment is cool in there and when i enter their world of tattoos , i was amazed with the work these guy has done. Beautiful place and most important HYGIENIC place!!!

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    Jyothi Priya (Thursday, 15 June 2017 12:09)

    Firstly thanks alot Amin... Your work is amazing. In love with the tattoo. This is soo close to my heart. You made it more special by extraordinary detailing. Can't thank you enough. Will surely visit your studio for my further tattoos and will also recommend to my friends and family. :)

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    Stella (Monday, 12 June 2017 01:10)

    It was a great design. Loved it. Got lots of appreciation for it. Though it was costly. It was worthful. Soon I'l have another tattoo to be done.

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    Ram (Wednesday, 07 June 2017 11:25)

    I have spent 3-4 months researching for the best tattoo studio (and artist) for my first tattoo, in numerous websites and articles i found "Amin's Angel Tattoo studio" is not only best in Hyderabad but also one of the best in India.

    When i went to the studio on d-day, Studio is clean and beautifully designed, Amin started making changes to the design (its a 4*3 size) and i loved the outcome of it, and bang! i had my tattoo, he made it look like not a big deal, nice music, couple of hours and its done, small and nice after care tips, small goodies are bonus.

    Amin I am coming for the next tattoo very soon and I am gonna give you a tough task this time.

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    Priyanka (Tuesday, 30 May 2017 22:40)

    Hurray... I had my first tattoo at Angel and it was a wonderful experience..It was done by artist Aleem.. Before having the tattoo, I visited the place,cleared all the myths and I must say,these guys have enormous patience in explaning the things..They will make sure that you are comfortable and I did not feel pain at all while having the tattoo..
    Thanks Amin,Aleem and team..Will definitely visit for my 2nd one.. and recommend it to all..Cheers !!!

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    Tarun (Monday, 15 May 2017 05:09)

    I got 2 tattoos done here and looking ahead for a 3 one. Amin is very professional and a big artist true to his job. Very nice studio but only negative location. Bit of parking problem. Otherwise everything great.

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    Ankit (Thursday, 11 May 2017 01:54)

    Very reasonable price for the work done. Amin is great in what he does ��

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    Beulah Vandana Raj (Sunday, 09 April 2017 14:58)

    Firstly.,I loved your studio �
    Amazing place
    Very welcoming staff �✌�
    Aleem.., you are amazing in what you do..!! Continue your good work ..!!
    Thank you � I Loved my tattoo ✌�It was exactly how I wanted it to be..!!
    The staff here is very welcoming and I found them sweet ..!!
    Everything was explained clearly before and after getting the tattoo done..!!
    Very happy with the place and the work done..!!
    All the best guys..!!
    Fly high like an eagle ��

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    Prithvi.K (Sunday, 26 March 2017 06:56)

    It was completely amazing experience to get my self inked!!
    As it was my first tattoo i was a bit worried about how would it look, but thanks to Amin for the amazing peace of work!! I only had a idea of getting something related to Warrior done. Amin helped me out with an amazing design of what i was actually thinking of.
    Now i know where do i go to get my next Tattoo done :)