As the saying goes, "GOOD TATTOOS ARE NOT CHEAP AND CHEAP TATTOOS ARE NOT GOOD", Tattoo and Piercing prices can vary depending on studio, artist, location, hygiene, work, colour, size, duration, detailing, quality, safety, custom designing, professionalism, experience, goodwill, expertise and many more similar aspects.

Our regular tattoo prices (keeping the above mentioned qualities in mind) is:


Every 2 inch tattoo 1500/- (black or colored)

(The price may vary depending on the artist and the amount of work involved) 


Example 1: If a tattoo is 1 inches in height and 1 inch in width then you pay 1500/-


Example 2: If a tattoo is 2 inches in height and 1 inch width then you pay 1500/-


Example 3: If the tattoo is 2 inches height and 2 inches width then 2X2= 4 inches, then you pay 3000/-


Example 4: If the tattoo is 3 inches height and 3 inches width then 3X3= 9 inches, then you pay 7500/-

Hence irrespective of the design ( vector Lion, eagle, heart, dragon, sun, name etc.) charges would be same as per the above mentioned fixed prices. 


NOTE: Portrait’s prices are different.

            A 4x3 inch portrait would cost 15,000/- and

            A 5x4 inch portrait would cost 20,000 approximately.

     ( We don't recommend portraits smaller than the above mentioned sizes as they would not come out good)


NOTE: For sleeve tattoos i.e half hands and full hands, big tattoos, portraits etc.. we charge on hourly basis.

            B/w or colour: per hour 5000 (*conditions applied)



PAINLESS TATTOOS : rs.1000/- extra for every 3 inchs of numbing area apart from the regular tattoo price.

( To know more about how painless tattoo procedure works, please refer to 'Amin Recommends' category on top of the page.)



NOTE: Branded stud is 316 surgical stainless steel jewellery. (CAFLON & STUDEX LONDON)

            All Our tattoo and piercing equipment's are either sterile or disposable, thus maintaining adequate standards of safety and hygiene.



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